Storytime: Negative Clinical Partner Experience

Quick story-time: During one of my clinical rotations this semester, I was partnered with a classmate who was a CNA/PCT. I was very excited, because I was hoping I would learn something new. Needless to say I was very disappointed... My partner proceeded to complain upon learning our pt. was on precautions. Mind you when… Continue reading Storytime: Negative Clinical Partner Experience


What I Did For Thanksgiving (Nursing Student Edition)

Hey y'all! I'm letting my Southern come out with the y'all... I decided to share my full Thanksgiving Day nursing student edition. This is real life as a nursing student people! First of all, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate), if not I hope you had a restful day. Let us begin!… Continue reading What I Did For Thanksgiving (Nursing Student Edition)


Hello all! This is not going to be a very upbeat post, in fact it is going to be very open and honest. Nursing school, is not all sunshine and rainbows. Well for some it may be, but for me it definitely is not. Let us get to the point... Nursing school has destroyed my… Continue reading Struggling

Modest Dressing In Nursing School — The Truth

Hello all! Today I will be sharing my experience concerning modest dressing in college/nursing school.     Everyone stares. Yes, everyone will stare, some will gawk and some will not bite their tongue for a few seconds and scream "OhmyGodshesinaskirt!" to their friends. To be honest, this is something I have dealt with my entire… Continue reading Modest Dressing In Nursing School — The Truth

Being 19 In Nursing School – The Truth

Hello everyone! This post is going to be another raw, open post. If there is anyone who actually reads my posts, you would know I began college on my seventeenth birthday and am now nineteen and in my first semester of nursing school (at the time of this post).   People act different when they… Continue reading Being 19 In Nursing School – The Truth

Nursing School — First Day of Clinical [First Semester]

Hello all! For this post, I will be reflecting on my first day of "real" clinical. Before last Thursday, our clinical days were in the Simulation lab from 0900 (9 a.m.) to 1600 (4 p.m.). Now that we are in the hospital, our day begins at 0600 (6 a.m.) to 1300 (1 p.m.). I was… Continue reading Nursing School — First Day of Clinical [First Semester]