Nursing School Confession #2: Nursing School Isn’t Hard?

Hello everyone! I am back with a controversial confession. Is nursing school hard? Well, whenever I am asked I am a little hesitant to reply. If you are interested in my humble opinion, keep reading! Is nursing school hard? I say that depends. Now, before you start getting overly confident or extremely offended, hear me… Continue reading Nursing School Confession #2: Nursing School Isn’t Hard?

Nursing School Confession #1: I Never Liked My Classes?

Hello all! I wanted to start something a little different, where I publish a brief post with one "confession". My first one is about nursing school classes. Every time someone asks me if I like nursing school I hesitate a bit. People will say that is normal and that lot's of nurses hated nursing school.… Continue reading Nursing School Confession #1: I Never Liked My Classes?

New Planner Setup: Undated 12 Month Planer

Hello all! Today I will be sharing my setup for my 2020 planner. I received the following planner for being a student leader on campus. It is from the brand IBayam and can be found on Amazon. I originally wanted to try bullet journaling for 2020, but decided I would not let this planner go… Continue reading New Planner Setup: Undated 12 Month Planer

I’m Alive…

Hello all. I know I haven't posted on here in a while, but life got crazy after externship. I am halfway though my first semester of my senior year of nursing school. Let's just say it hasn't been the best semester for me personally. I've been in a weird funk lately and it seems like… Continue reading I’m Alive…

Ranking My Nurse Externship Rotations

Hello everyone! I have officially completed my Nurse Extern program and am so sad it is over. I had a blast and was so grateful to be one of forty. I decided to share my "rankings" for my three rotations. The three rotations I was assigned for the summer were: Medical Telemetry, Emergency Department and… Continue reading Ranking My Nurse Externship Rotations