Nurse Externship Orientation: Week 1

I've officially completed my first week as a student nurse extern! I am so excited for my rotations to begin and will announce all of my rotations next week. For now, if you are interested in seeing what my first week was like, keep reading! Monday The first day consisted of new team member orientation.… Continue reading Nurse Externship Orientation: Week 1


College Student Summer Grocery Haul: #1

Hello all! Today I will be sharing a realistic college student grocery haul (summer edition) with you all! I have been meaning to do a post like this for so long. I really want to show that it is possible to eat a balanced diet as a student on a part-time job salary. This post… Continue reading College Student Summer Grocery Haul: #1

Burnt Out. Defeated.

Well, I am officially a senior... I took my last final today for Med-Surg I and did okay. I wish I would have done two points better, but at this point I don't care. I thought I had done really well in the class, then we received an email saying that the grade calculation sheet… Continue reading Burnt Out. Defeated.

I Landed a Student Nurse Externship!

Hello everyone! Today I finally have a positive blog post. I have wanted to give you all a quick life update! If you are curious keep reading... Accepted into Nurse Externship! As you can read from the title, I landed a position at the my local hospital as a Student Nurse Extern. I am so… Continue reading I Landed a Student Nurse Externship!

Nursing School Rant: I’m Tired of My Classmates

Hello! Welcome back to another nursing school rant. I think this is just what my blog has become at this stage of nursing school.   Today we had our third pediatric test...I did bad on the first, much better on the second and well horrible on this third one. I was pretty angry with myself… Continue reading Nursing School Rant: I’m Tired of My Classmates

My First Day of Pediatric Clinical

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing a summary of my first day of Pediatric clinical. This post is short and sweet, because that is how my day was. If you are interested keep reading! For Pediatric clinical, we meet in the hospital lobby at 0700. I ended up waking up at five, just to… Continue reading My First Day of Pediatric Clinical